The Bible

Mom and teenThe very basis of intentional parenting is found in Deuteronomy 6. Through Moses’ final words to Israel, God outlined His plan of parents teaching children. His plan had already been in effect for hundreds of years, but in this passage God detailed the Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why of His ingenious plan.

Who: Parents teach their children

What: To love the Lord and what He has commanded

Where: At home and on the road

When: When you’re sitting, walking, lying down, or standing

How: Get them in your own heart first, then talk about them constantly and live by them

Why: So the next generation will not forget the Lord and go serve other gods

Handing down the teachings of God was top priority. That’s why intentional parents must teach the Word of God to their children. The Who, Where, When, and How are effective techniques for teaching anything, but the key What must be the Bible.

You see, this first gift, the Bible, provides the filter through which we should view everything else. It’s the foundation to intentional parenting because God’s Word addresses all of the other four gifts. It answers the questions

  • What should I do in my spare time? (Enjoyable pastimes);
  • What should I study and believe as truth? (Academics);
  • How should I act toward others? (Character); and
  • What skills will help me serve God as an adult? (Home skills).

Take away the first gift and you’re left floundering with the other four.

Are you in the position to give this first gift to your child? Is a love for God and a knowledge of His Word etched so deeply on your heart that you talk about them constantly and live them out in front of your children at home, on the road, when sitting, standing, walking, or lying down? (Those about cover every position we use during a typical day, don’t they?) The Sunday School teacher can’t do that with your kids. The pastor can’t do that with your kids. You must.

How To

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