Home Skills

Learning to mowHow well prepared were you to run your own home when you started out? What extra stress did you, and possibly your family, have to go through while you were trying to figure things out? Running a home is a large responsibility that requires a wide range of skills. Think about all the home-related skills you exercise during a typical year. A partial list could include nutrition, cooking, mending, laundry, cleaning, painting, planting, running a lawnmower, balancing a checkbook, paying bills, comparing prices or quotes, vehicle maintenance, and more.

A large part of intentional parenting is preparing your child for adulthood. Parents, teach your child the skills that are necessary. Consider how you invest your time. Are you spending so much time practicing non-essential skills—those that won’t carry over into adulthood—that you don’t have time to teach the essential skills—those that are necessary for adulthood? Intentional effort invested now will allow you to give your children (and grandchildren) the gift of a pleasant, less stressful home.

How To

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