Enjoyable Pastimes

Picking strawberriesDoes your heart yearn for simpler times when there were fewer demands placed on your time and attention? When life was unhurried and lived at home instead of in the car?

That simpler life is possible. It is a gift we can give our children. All it takes is an intentional decision to put family time first and limit “outside” activities that rob family time. We all have the same number of hours in a week. The difference comes in how we each determine to invest those hours.

Many enjoyable pastimes exist that the family can participate in together—activities that will actually strengthen the family unit, instead of separating and stressing it, experiences that will develop the whole child within the nurturing environment of the home.

Parents who want their children to develop enjoyable, wholesome pastimes provide the raw materials and large chunks of time for that child to work with his hands and express her creativity. They weave into the fabric of their home the great works of artists and composers that can inspire and encourage their child to accomplish noble things. They invest time and resources into physical recreation that every member of the family can enjoy together, no matter what their age.

How To

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