Boy by tree“Character” has been defined in many ways. Basically, it’s what you are on the inside, the combination of traits or attributes that make you you.

Intentional parenting includes building desirable character traits into our children. Much of this is done through setting the example in matters of honesty, say, or faithfulness. But the intentional parent won’t leave those matters to chance. Just as you talk to your child about what is expected in behavior, you should also talk about what is expected in attitude and character. Let your children know why you act as you do.

A large part of building character in our children concerns discipline. Discipline, by its very root word, means “to make a disciple of.” Therefore, discipline involves much more than simply punishment or correction for wrong-doing. Discipline is made up of all that you do to disciple your child along the right path. It involves teaching, training (practicing), correcting, punishing, rewarding, and more.

Character also sets the foundation for our children’s relationships, including how our children treat others, how they relate to the opposite gender, and how they resolve conflicts. Obviously, then, intentional parents must focus a great deal on character issues and the condition of their child’s heart.

How To

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