The Five Gifts of Intentional Parents

Mom and babySo what are the best gifts a parent can give? If you’ve read very many parenting books at all, you know that the possibilities can be overwhelming. But here is an easy way to organize and remember what you need to concentrate on as intentional parents: simply think of that key word “teach.”

T—The Bible
E—Enjoyable Pastimes
H—Home Skills

Those five gifts will

  • help your child become a strong Christian;
  • encourage your child to be productive and creative;
  • feed your child’s soul;
  • develop your child’s God-given mind;
  • protect your child’s heart;
  • shape your child into a godly person;
  • and prepare your child for life as an adult.

Can you think of any better gifts to give your child? Survival gifts and default gifts are short-term by nature. Intentional gifts are visionary. Intentional parents look down the road to what really matters and make plans to get there.

How To

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