Artwork and Other Work

Our family has been doing some artwork recently, using the Creating a Masterpiece DVDs to guide us. So far we have tried our hands at watercolor and pastels. Hannah has enjoyed participating in these video art classes too. You can see her parrots on top and her lake on the bottom of these collections.

Along with the artwork, we are committing the next few months to other work with Hannah; we have teamed up with an RDI consultant and will be working with her to focus more fully on Hannah’s progress. We have agreed with the principles of RDI therapy for many years and have tried to implement as many as we could on our own. But it feels like we have stagnated in the process, and thanks to a gift of money and a few months without travel, we are turning our focus to fine-tuning our abilities to guide her and help her continue to grow.

I’ll be posting about our experiences here. We’re excited to learn more and see what adventures lay ahead!

One Response to “Artwork and Other Work”

  1. Tammy Glaser Says:

    Lovely pictures!!!

    I am looking forward to what you have to share about Hannah in the next couple of months. It is quite a journery!!!