Finding Your Child’s Way on the Autism Spectrum

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book as Biblical, helpful, and encouraging as Laura Hendrickson’s Finding Your Child’s Way on the Autism Spectrum. Laura speaks out of an experience with her autistic son from preschool diagnosis through high school valedictorian.

Laura does an excellent job of weaving her personal experiences, Biblical principles, and practical suggestions together into short, readable chapters. She does not back away from the tougher subjects, such as “How do I discipline my autistic child?” and “What about stims?” or “How should I handle a meltdown?” In fact, the Biblical principles she presents for those subjects–always seasoned with grace–have helped to clarify my thoughts and encourage me to persevere with our autistic daughter.

I am especially thankful for her examples of discipling our special needs children, nudging them closer to Christ even when we don’t know whether they are comprehending spiritual truths.

I was convicted by chapter 8, in which Laura graciously shared what the Lord taught her through watching her son be rejected and ridiculed by others.

Recent statistics cite that 1 out of every 100 children are on the autism spectrum. To those of you who are seeking to be an intentional parent for your autistic child, or for those of you who know a parent of an autistic child, I highly recommend Finding Your Child’s Way on the Autism Spectrum by Dr. Laura Hendrickson, published by Moody Publishers.

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One Response to “Finding Your Child’s Way on the Autism Spectrum”

  1. Patti Says:

    I’ve just found your website and it’s wonderful. I want to say that I absolutely agree with your recommendation of this book. I have a 6 year old boy who is mostly recovered (due to diet and GI meds) but still has challenges, of course. At age 5, we were having a terrible time with whining and refusals to obey. Discipline methods that were successful with our older typical daughter just didn’t work. I could also tell that he would “shut down” when I was speaking to him. I found this book, implemented several of the techniques immediately and we got the results we wanted fairly quickly. One day, after reading the book, I asked him if he knew that God wants him to obey his parents. He said, “He does?” I said, yes, He does, and my son responded, “well, OK!!” and that was that. If only it would always be that simple!