Penny’s Coffee Maker

My husband loves coffee. He makes a latte nearly every morning with his special coffee maker. This morning the machine made a high-pitched whistle for some reason, and we spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to make it stop.

Hannah then informed us that Penny, our dog, had a coffee maker that was howling. She tried various ways to make this imaginary machine stop. She tried pushing the off button . . . “howwwl!” “That didn’t work,” she explained. She tried pushing the Escape key . . . “howwwwl!” “No, that didn’t work either,” she informed us. Finally she unplugged its imaginary cord from the imaginary outlet and all was silent.

After breakfast we heard variations on the theme. Penny’s coffee maker would start howling again, then it would meow at times, and it even said “ah-OO-ga” once or twice!

One Response to “Penny’s Coffee Maker”

  1. Lynnette Says:

    Thanks for this post. It cracked me up! I loved the “Esc key” part! (When in doubt press escape!) 🙂