Reading and Calendars

Hannah has been working for a couple of years on the “short A” sound in order to read three-letter words like “cat, hat, pat.” This week she was able to read twenty-three words in the _at, _an, and _ap families. In the past she’s had a hard time making the transition from reading the word on an index card to reading the same word on a sheet of paper. So I decided to put the twenty-three words on paper for her to read.

When we got ready to read, I explained that the words on the paper were the same words that were on the cards. She said, “We’ve done this before. It was on a Tuesday.” Now, the last time I can remember trying to have her read the words on paper was more than a year ago. I’m curious if I can find that incident in my records and see what day of the week it happened. Hmmmmm . . .

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