Teaching Academics

Educating the Wholehearted ChildEducating the Wholehearted Child by Clay Clarkson, Sally Clarkson

How to use real books and real life to make your home a vibrant center of living and learning for you and your child. ISBN 1888692006

Honey for a Child's HeartHoney for a Child’s Heart by Gladys M. Hunt, 4Th, Gladys Hunt

First half explains how to choose good books for children 0–12; second half gives recommended book lists with descriptions. ISBN 0310242460

Honey for a Teen's HeartHoney for a Teen’s Heart by Gladys M. Hunt, Barbara Hampton

Same format as Honey for a Child’s Heart with recommended book lists for teens through adults. ISBN 0310242606

Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children's LiteratureBooks Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children’s Literature by Elizabeth Wilson

Annotated book lists for children. Categorized by topics such as animals, biography, geography and history, literature, music, and special days and seasons. ISBN 1581341989

Pocketful of Pinecones: Nature Study With the Gentle Art of Learning : A Story for Mother CulturePocketful of Pinecones: Nature Study With the Gentle Art of Learning : A Story for Mother Culture by Karen Andreola

Enjoyable story that also teaches how to incorporate nature study into everyday living. ISBN 1889209031

web resource logoSimply Charlotte Mason

A Web site that Sonya co-directs to help those homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason approach.

A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of LearningA Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning by Karen Andreola

Personal experiences and practical ideas for using real books and other Charlotte Mason methods in teaching your children. ISBN 1889209023

A Charlotte Mason EducationA Charlotte Mason Education by Catherine Levison

Quick and clear overview of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. ISBN 1891400169

More Charlotte Mason EducationMore Charlotte Mason Education by Catherine Levison

Sequel to A Charlotte Mason Education that expands on the concepts presented in her first book, addresses specific questions (like high school), and gives some sample schedules. ISBN 1891400177

For the Children's Sake (Child-Life Book)For the Children’s Sake (Child-Life Book) by Susan S. MacAulay

Introduces much of the philosophy of Charlotte Mason education in a warm, inviting way. ISBN 089107290X

Bailey's Book HouseBailey’s Book House and other Educational Software from Edmark. Our family has used and loved Edmark software for many years. During those years Edmark has undergone a few changes in ownership. Most recently they were bought out by the Learning Company, so it’s not quite as easy to find all of the titles. I’d recommend you go to The Learning Company to see what each title is like, then shop around to find the best prices. I’ve found some titles in Scholastic’s software catalogs at great prices.

House Series (for Young Children)

  • Millie’s Math House
  • Bailey’s Book House
  • Sammy’s Science House
  • Trudy’s Time and Place House

Mighty Math Series

  • Carnival Countdown
  • Zoo Zillions
  • Mindtwister Math
  • Number Heroes
  • Calculating Crew
  • Astro Algebra
  • Cosmic Geometry

Thinkin’ Things Series

  • Thinkin’ Things, Collections 1, 2, and 3
  • All Around Frippletown
  • Sky Island Mysteries

Thinkin’ Science Series

  • Thinkin’ Science
  • ZAP
  • Space Academy GX-1

Other Titles

  • Travel the World with Timmy
  • Stanley’s Sticker Stories
  • Imagination Destination: Pyramids, Castle, Rain Forest, Ocean
  • Strategy Games of the World
  • Strategy Challenges Collection 2